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John Bouchard & Sons Co.
Nashville: (615) 256-0112
Knoxville: (865) 523-9300
John Bouchard & Sons Co.

For over a century, the John Bouchard & Sons Co. tradition of innovation and excellence has helped create and maintain the systems that keep the Mid-South running.


We fix.  We build.  We innovate. We work hard, tell the truth and stand by our product. We start with valuing relationships – ours as a family, and our customers’ with us.

In 1880, John Bouchard was devising ingenious machinery that propelled the Armour meatpacking plant in Chicago to be able to process and refrigerate 1,400 hogs/hour. He knew how to make machines tackle the tasks and exceed old limits.

By 1908, Bouchard and his sons were in our present location on Harrison Street, Nashville, operating “one of the most up-to-date machine shops in the country”.  By 1928, the Tennessean touted JBS as “important to the construction progress of the entire south.”  From Ward Belmont to Avco, Vanderbilt to Coca-Cola, city pumping stations to Weyman-Burton Snuff Co, JBS has outfitted progress in the South, building the long-lasting relationships and hardworking infrastructure our customers depend upon.

Thankful for our community, we love giving back.  From contributions to the War Effort in the 1940’s, to supporting Nashville’s charities for youth and the needy each year, we want our faith to be active.  And that is often found here, one worker helping the other.

John Bouchard was the father 5 generations ago. Today his descendants still own and operate the business, while an army of craftsmen, service experts, and staff – those they are mentoring and those who have trained them – know they are all part of the JBS family.

If a call comes in for “John Bouchard” each one of us answers with a shared identity – “how may I help you?”  Electrical may send you to the compressor dept. for your particular need, the foundry may call in the machine shop to help you best, construction may call service ….. someone in the “family” will find the best response for your call.

Building & Sustaining Hardworking Infrastructure...Since 1900
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