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Gardner Denver XGHP Series - Heated Purge Desiccant Dryer

XGHP HEATED DESICCANT DRYERS incorporate an external heater to heat dry purge air. This allows XGHP dryers to divert significantly less dry air from the air system for regenerating desiccant than is required by heatless dryers. Available in sizes ranging from 150 scfm (4.2 nm³/min.) to 8,000 scfm (226.5 nm³/min.), XGHP dryers deliver -40°F (-40°C) pressure dew point air for critical applications.


Product Description

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One look tells you that these dryers are like no others – extremely low silhouette, manifolds and valves within an arm’s reach of the operator, and readily accessible fill and drain ports are just a few of the differences apparent on the outside. Both externally and internally, each model combines innovative engineering and technically advanced, highly durable components to provide easy installation, operation, maintenance, and simply the most reliable desiccant dryers available.

Design Features

  • 150 – 8000 SCFM
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSIG standard; higher pressures available
  • Low Profile Design
  • Low Mounted Filtration for Ease of Service
  • NEMA 4-Standard
  • Digital Controller
  • Tower Pressure Gauges
  • Packaged Filtration — Standard

Benefits of Desiccant Dryers

All Gardner Denver desiccant dryers are designed with energy efficiency, reliability, productivity and safety in mind:

  • Engineered for low pressure drop through valve selection, tower size and filter design.
  • Optional Energy Management System (EMS) reduces purge consumption while maintaining a constant dew point, monitors the dew point and extends the dryer cycle to greatly reduce energy costs.
  • Large sound attenuating purge mufflers minimize noise and include built-in relief valves to enhance safety.
  • Low profile places valves at operator’s level and provides ready access to fill and drain ports, increasing operator safety and ease of maintenance.
  • Pre-filter and after-filter protect desiccant and downstream air from oil contamination and particulates to help improve air quality, increasing productivity.
  • Easy-to-replace stainless steel desiccant screens prevent contamination of the downstream sir system and are easily removed for cleaning, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • High-efficiency heater and/or blower controlled by outlet regeneration temperature that shuts off to save electrical power once desiccant has been thoroughly regenerated (available with EMS on heated dryers).

Manufacturer Info

Gardner Denver

John Bouchard & Sons is a Gardner Denver Authorized Distributor, stocking Air Compressors, Dryers and OEM replacement parts to maintain your factory warranty. Since we have over 30 years of experience in sales and service of Gardner Denver air compressors, our staff are the experts to turn to, when looking for the right compressor for your application or the right parts and oil for your existing machine.

Our onsite inventory includes compressors, dryers, oil and parts. Our parts inventory includes spin-on and cartridge style oil filters, air filters, separators and more for all models of Gardner Denver compressors and dryers. Our stock parts typically ship the same day.

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